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About Us

Based in Lincolnshire, Fernwood is a small specialist company employing a close knit team of highly experienced and dedicated craftsmen who are committed to producing the best quality product to suit your individual needs.
Our first boat ‘Ruby’ was built in 1997 and in the year 2000 we exhibited for the first time at the Crick Boat Show with ‘Samuel Charles’. I think it’s fair to say that the boating industry hadn’t seen anything quite like it before, and Canal Boat magazine remarked “Fernwood have re-written the boating design manual “ !
However, different for difference sake is not our aim. Although we like a challenge, and have been presented with quite a few over the years, an intrinsic part of our design and build process, is that your boat should incorporate style together with substance, whilst incorporating that little something that sets it apart. Along the way we have developed electric hatches, cratches and beds. Luxurious integrated furniture that feels like home and a certain indefinable ‘feel’ that says quality.
With Fernwood, luxury is standard. We’re not afraid to be bold, nor do we ignore the tried and tested. Our boats are all unique and special, designed to enhance your boating experience. From the traditional narrowboat (with boatman's cabin and vintage engine) to an ultra-modern wide beam with every conceivable luxury, we will design your boat to suit your lifestyle.
Our boats are not as expensive as you might expect.
We look forward to meeting you.....
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