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The story so far - part 2

Then began the mental torment which Alison and I seem to go through each time we have to make a big decision. I'll leave you to figure out who's who.

" Well, we don't want to give up Mediterranean cruising altogether do we ? "

" No, but we can still do that occasionally and with a narrow boat we would be able to have it nearer and enjoy it at weekends and not just a couple of times a year."

" But they're so old technology ! "

" They're meant to be no technology - Look at the history behind them. "

" But I've just got used to smart steering wheels, bow and stern thrusters, depth and speed gauges and stern camera for reverse docking up to the pontoons. There's just not enough gadgets Alison on a canal boat ! "

So I guess you can see where all this is going can't you ? We'd loved our weekend on a canal boat, we love our cruising on the Med. We loved and totally respected the traditional boaters with the scrumble and bollindor engines too, but that side of canal boating just wasn't our scene. If we were to "get into" our way of canal boating then we would have to do it with some sort of Mediterranean twist and on our own terms.

' I know ! How about designing a narrowboat with some of the features we take for granted on the Med style boats? Sexy shaped tinted windows, teak decking, stainless steel handrails, sliding glass roofs and large open entertainment areas, air conditioning, satellite TV with automatic tracking. '

' How about replacing the tiller with a joystick, have depth, speed and rudder position gauges, a GPS and a bow camera for checking its clear before venturing out of the Marina. And then of course, the inside would have to be totally different too. '

Of course we'd use some of the ideas featured on Waterworld, the granite tops, ceramic hobs, power showers, central heating. We'd even consider a traditional effect fire, but of course, it would have to be behind a smoked glass screen. We'd also have to use stainless steel or chrome in keeping with the style of the med boats, have computer controlled lighting of course and also some of that piano finished wood that all the Med boats seem to be built with, And so the list went on….and on…..and on.

And so armed with our list, we looked at web sites and then visited several boat builders to put forward our thoughts. Now that was interesting ! Many of them just stared with their eyes seeming to glaze over as we tried to explain our bizarre concept for the cut. The lights were on but there was certainly nobody home at many of the places we visited.

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